Limited Edition for the Holidays

"In ancient Chinese mythology, the pear tree symbolizes immortal life due to the longevity of the tree."

Gift this limited edition Copper Pear artwork to your friends and loved ones this year for the Holidays. Don't like Copper? The Black Pear Print is always available!

The color is a custom blended paint color. Once this batch of paint is gone, that's it! So hurry and pre-order now!

Pre-order by filling out the form below. The form acts as a request and is not a guaranteed order until you receive a confirmation email response (from me!).

COPPER PEAR  12"x16"
Hand-painted luxurious COPPER metallic paint on watercolor stock. Made to order. 
$55 + FREE Ground Shipping.

Hand-painted Sumi Black ink on watercolor stock.
Made to order. 
8"x10"   $29 + FREE Ground Shipping
12"x16"  $45
+ FREE Ground Shipping
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COPPER PEAR is one size only : 12"x16"
Free shipping via Ground Shipping only - if you would like to pay for faster shipping, just let me know.