ADULT $250 | Toddler $150




It all started with my brother. He came to me one day and asked me to draw on his shoes. Two pairs later, I've been getting requests from other people so I decided (with the push from my brother) to open up to customizing people's shoes. If you're interested, read on and fill out the form below.

Kindly note that these are not formal orders, but requests, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. To be along for the journey, head on over & follow my Instagram @podillustrations for pictures.


Nike Chucks II High Top Toddler Size 4 by Pod Illustrations

Podkix are hand-painted with custom art and illustration.
*Client will ship shoes to me. Any shipping cost will be added to bill.


Fill out the form (below) to be added to the Request List. First come, first serve.
This does NOT act as an official order. You will receive an email to proceed.


The shoes should be white canvas/fabric material, but other specific shoes can be discussed.
Some of my favorites are the following shoes:

Vans Authentics | Vans Slip Ons
Nike Air Force I | Nike SB Razors
Converse Chuck Taylors | Converse Chuck Taylor Monochrome
Converse Chucks II High Top | Low Top
Keds Original | Slip Ons | Triple



Name *
"B&W with Wash" is B&W linework with some greyscale washes of paint.
Add me so I can find you: @podkix
Your story might inspire the design. Tell me a little bit about yourself, or name up to 3 things you'd like to see come to life.
Must be a white canvas/fabric shoe. Some examples are Nike Air Force 1, Converse, Chucks, Vans, Keds, etc. Canvas/fabric material will absorb the paints properly and will last longer.